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About Colin & Mary Peckham

Husband and wife team Colin and Mary Peckham made up Revival and Conference Ministry. Read more about them here, and what others have said about their ministry.

It is an honour to be asked to write a note of commendation for our friends, Colin and Mary Peckham. Having witnessed the outpouring of the Spirit as few have, they faithfully carried the torch that was lit many years ago in genuine revival. [Through this website] they continue to call God's people back to Himself through the ministry of His Word and the living testimonies of what they have seen and experienced firsthand. Both in the pulpit and out, they ignited a fresh hunger and heart-cry for revival. Lord do it again! [Rev Ron & Patricia Owens, Ministering through the North American and International Mission Boards of the Southern Baptist Convention]

Rev Dr Colin Peckham

LThHons BA BThHons MTh DTh

Colin was born in South Africa and was engaged in evangelism and convention ministry there for ten years before entering Bible College ministry in Cape Town, South Africa.

For seventeen years he was Principal of The Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh, Scotland and latterly Principal Emeritas of this college and had a wide-ranging preaching ministry in Britain, America, Africa and other areas of the world. He spoke at events ranging from Churches and University Christian Unions to Revival Conferences and Conventions.

He was editor for many years of a widely-read Christian magazine, and is the author of several books and numerous articles.

He emphasised a life of total commitment and holy living in the power of the Holy Spirit, and challenged men and women to seek God in the interests of revival.

Colin went to be with the Lord in November 2009.

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Mary Peckham (nee Morrison)

Mary was converted in the 1949-53 revival on the Island of Lewis in Scotland, and was herself used in revival on other Scottish Islands in the late 50s. She was a much sought-after speaker.

Her unique and powerful testimony to revival has been given on numerous occassions to congregations large and small around the world - with great blessing and challenge. It has been published three times in book form.

At first a singer in secular Scottish folk-music competitions, Mary turned to using her voice to praise the Lord, and her solo singing was used of God as part of her ministry. She is still a familiar voice on the BBC's Gaelic request programmes.

She ministered as a missionary in South Africa for fourteen years and had a great wealth of experience from which to draw.

Colin and Mary have three adult children, all married, and three grandchildren.

Mary went to be with the Lord in August 2010.

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I recall very vividly meeting Colin and Mary Peckham for the first time. As president of Carrubbers Close Mission it was my responsibility to arrange the accommodation of the Faith Mission annual convention which at that time was convened in Carrubbers. Things were at a very low ebb at Faith Mission and at one stage doubts were expressed as to whether the Convention would proceed. However, Colin and Mary breathed new life into the work and the convention brought a touch of revival to the city. From that time on I had the warmest and closest of fellowship with this godly couple. Over the years they brought much blessing to the work of Carrubbers enriching the lives of many. Praise God for every remembrance of them. [Eric Scott, President, Carrubbers Christian Centre (ret)]


Gallery of photos from their years of ministry, including personal photos (this area is under construction and will be growing over the coming months).

Children's Ministry

Brief overview of the ministries of Colin and Mary Peckham's three children: Colin Peckham (Origin Ministries), Heather Holdsworth (The Faith Mission Bible College) and Christine Jensen (Light & Life Church).