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Christmas is Jesus - Christ and You

By Rev Dr Colin Peckham


Thus prophesied Isaiah about 700 years before the Babe of Bethlehem was laid in the manger.

The outstanding reaction to His coming was ]OY. A multitude of the heavenly host appeared to the shepherds saying 'Glory to God in the highest ...' The angels brought 'good tidings of great joy' (Luke 2:10, 13 & 14). Heaven rejoiced at His coming. God's great plan of redemption was about to he revealed to man. It was a time of intense joy.

Yet strangely, His reception at the hands of those whom He had come to redeem was quite different.


Thousands upon thousands were not even conscious of the enormity of the event taking place in Bethlehem. They ignored it. The Pharisees and other students of the Scriptures should have been watching for this great day yet they were not involved.

How easy for us too to be taken up with life's activities and with the festivities surrounding Christmas and to be separated from the heart of Christmas - Jesus Christ Himself. How easy to ignore Him, to just pass Him by.


He was born in a manger because there was 'no room for them in the inn' (Luke 2:7).

No room for Jesus! Room for pleasure, room for business, oh yes! Room for fleshly ambition and carnal pride; room for worldliness and a superficial religious form; room for idols and disobedience; room for arrogance and self-will; room for so many, many things, but when Jesus, the pure and holy Jesus, seeks an entrance, there is no room!

What a difference in the gospel story where Jesus speaks of those who must go out into the highways and byways and seek others to come to the feast of the King, for, he says 'yet there is Room!' Room for me! Room for you! Heaven opens wide its door! There's room, room for all who would come!

In the face of this great offer of salvation can you deny Him your heart when He seeks an entrance? Will you turn a deaf ear to His entreaties when He seeks to be born within your soul?

Open wide the door and say to Him 'Master there is room in my heart for Thee!'


Herod 'slew all the children that were in Bethlehem'. This man was such a notorious character that this dastardly deed is of such minor importance when compared with the rest of his cruel acts that it is not even mentioned by the historians.

There are those who think nothing of this attitude today. Should Christ come to them in a way which might threaten to upset the equilibrium of their lives, they ignore the voice which speaks to them. They do their utmost to rid themselves of uncomfortable conviction. The pure life of Christ convicts immediately. This they do not want. May God help us at this Christmas time to welcome the Lord of Glory in whatever way He makes Himself known to us.


The shepherds came. The wise men of the East came. They asked 'Where is He that is born King of the Jews?' (Luke 2:2). They rejoiced greatly. They fell down and worshipped the One who was born a King. They opened their treasures, and presented Him with gifts.

Is this not what our attitude should be at this Christmas time? Let us acknowledge Him King of our lives and in worshipping Him, let us open to Him the treasures of our lives, giving Him all that we possess. He, the Lord of glory, is worthy indeed.

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