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The New Birth - No Other Way In

By Rev Dr Colin Peckham

Jesus said, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." JESUS said that! This word comes to us from the courts of heaven and carries all the solemnity of eternity. If mere man had uttered these astounding words one could very easily dispense with them as being too extravagant or too dramatic. One could agree with the one who uttered them and deny their truthfulness and worth. But the fact is that these words were uttered by Jesus, who, whilst He was perfect man, was at the same time perfect God. This message comes from God Himself; "Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." No-one who is not born again has any hope of heaven's glory. Without the New Birth we are lost. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of a God who is Spirit. Corruption cannot inherit incorruption. Without a reception of God's Spiritual Life how can anyone hope to inherit God's Spiritual Home? No! Anything short of the New Birth means?no heaven! The New Birth is absolutely IMPERATIVE!

Notice future that the call to the New Birth is completely IMPARTIAL. Jesus says, "Except a man (or a woman of course), be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." A man! Any man! It matters not whether you are rich or poor, well-known or unknown, black or white, young or old, you must be born again. It makes no difference whether you move in high social circles or low, whether you are highly intelligent or mediocre, whether you have a wonderful personality and a wide circle of friends or whether you are not noticed amongst men and have a retiring disposition, you must be born again. It does not matter whether you are beautiful or handsome, gay and outgoing, religious or atheistic, moral or immoral, Catholic, Protestant or anything else; whether you hold the highest position in the land, or whether you are a beggar in the street, Jesus says, "YOU must be born again." This is a universal command. None can escape the piecing cry which comes from the lips of the Master Himself. None can evade His insistent call. None can flee from such a solemn declaration.

You may be a churchman who attends the house of God regularly, who has been baptised and who partakes of the Lord's supper. You may always be interested and helpful in anything to do with church activities. You may even attend Bible Studies, Youth meetings and prayer meetings. You may pray morning and evening, you may have read the Bible from cover to cover, and believe it too; but tell me, have you been born again? You may be a young man who, in the flush of enthusiasm, sees life stretching excitingly before him. Yes, you are full of hope and ambition. Your are about to climb the tree to fame and fortune; but tell me, have you been born again? You may be a young lady. You love the world and the world loves you. You are so popular with that happy groups which hasn't a care in the world; but tell me, have you been born again?

When were you born again? The experience of the New Birth is INSTANTANTEOUS! Human birth is a momentary act and the divine birth is just the same. It does not take years for the Spirit of God to enter the human personality, but when the door of the human heart is opened the entry is immediate. You are born again the moment God's Spirit enters your being. John 1.12-13 reads thus: "But as many as received Him to them gave He the power to become the sons of God ? which were born ? of God." In other words when we take from God the gift of His Son, when by faith we receive Him, that moment we are born of God. God is Spirit and the moment we receive His Spirit we are born of Him; we become His children. The New Birth is instantaneous.

There is not one recorded instance in the entire New Testament where salvation came to anyone over a long period of time. All of whom we read in the New Testament were saved instantaneously. Three thousand came to Christ on the day of Pentecost. A little while later this had increased to five thousand. Think of the Philippian jailer, who, on that momentous night when God's earthquake struck the prison, believed on the Lord Jesus and was saved in a moment. Think of the nobleman in John 4 whose son was healed and who "believed and his whole house." Think of Zacchaeus of whom Jesus said "This day is salvation come to this house." Think of the Ethiopian eunuch whom Philip led to the Lord in a chariot. Think indeed of the apostle Paul himself whose conversion experience is three times recorded for us in great detail in the book of Acts. Think ? No, the evidence is overwhelming! Salvation is instantaneous. god comes into our hearts and transforms us in a moment.

If then it is instantaneous it can also be IMMEDIATE?it can take place now! You need wait no longer for salvation. "Behold", says the Bible, "now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation." You may have been longing for the opportunity of getting right with God; you need wait no longer. You can come this very moment to God and ask Him to come into you heart (indeed He is a holy God and His holy presence will banish sin. Turning from sin is an absolute necessity in this great matter of salvation.) He will enter your longing soul as you seek Him, and you too will be born again of His Holy Spirit. Will you come to Him? Will you come to Him now?