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Rev Dr Colin Peckham

After coming to the Lord as a lad of nearly fifteen, I had been brought into a rich spiritual experience which through various spiritual battles I had lost.

One night when I could stand it no longer, sitting on the back seat of a car, I opened my Bible at 1 John 1:9, I placed my finger on the verse and said audibly, 'Lord thou hast forgiven my sins, I trust Thee tonight to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I do not know what this means, but please Lord, do it now!' ... A week passed, two weeks; I was not hanging firmly on the Word of Scripture which was being engraved on my soul. Some friends knew of my battle. They asked sympathetically of my welfare. All I could reply was that I was trusting God. Three whole weeks passed without a trace of emotion. I was standing on the naked Word of God.

One day something happened which would normally have upset me considerably, but which left me unmoved. On looking back I was amazed at my calm attitude. A little later a similar incident took place with a similar reaction.

Tented mission in Southern Africa

It slowly began to dawn upon my wondering soul. Was I walking again in victory? No it could not be! Was God's Word really having effect? It must be! Yes, it must be! I began to walk as a little child walks, hopefully, unsteadily, falling and rising-but I was walking! The Lord had lifted me up! He had become my light and my salvation. He had come to my longing soul. The gate swung wide before me. Light began to steam on the pathway. The Lord was reigning-in my soul also!

A life of blessing and fullness stretched before me; a life to be maintained as a constant walk in the Spirit by the vital elements of faith and obedience.

On Monday 9th November 2009 at his home in Broxburn near Edinburgh, Scotland, Rev Dr Colin Peckham was suddenly and quietly called home to be with the Lord. There was a service of thanksgiving at Charlotte Chapel, West Rose Street, Edinburgh on Monday 16th November 2009 at 10.30am. You can read the family tribute given by his son Colin here.

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Dr. Colin Peckham was a former Bible College principal who travelled widely ministering God's Word. He was gifted as a theologian, Biblical scholar and choir director. A dynamic preacher, fervent pray-er and a challenging author, he had a deep concern for heaven-sent revival and the evidence of holiness and godliness among God's people. Most of his life was spent preparing young people academically and spiritually, for world evangelism. [Rev Tom Shaw, Former President, The Faith Mission]