4 S Ridge Rd
Perkasie, PA 18944
About Our Ministry
Revivals is a beacon of hope and healing in our community, shining the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We aim to be the first point of contact for those in need, collaborating with local organizations that are already serving our community effectively, and stepping in to fill any gaps as they arise.
Timeline of Revivals
Birth of Revivals
In 2015, when the previously-owned restaurant and banquet facility closed its doors, it seemed like the end of the road for "Revivals." However, Renew Bible Church of Perkasie had been fervently praying for an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the community. Prayers were answered when the church acquired this facility, giving birth to Revivals Outreach Center.
Growth & Expansion
Since its inception, Revivals has experienced steady growth and expansion. In 2023, a significant milestone was reached with the formation of the parent company, Renew Bible Ministries Inc., which marked the establishment of a separate nonprofit entity, distinct from Renew Bible Church.
RBMI Origination
This pivotal development led to the organization of ministries into three distinct LLCs: Revivals Life, Revivals Outreach, and Replay Fitness. Each of these entities serves as a dedicated hub for our 20+ ministries and programs, offering essential direction and oversight to ensure their effectiveness.
Future Plans
The journey doesn't stop here. We are excited to share that we are currently in the process of working on and developing a thrift store, which will bear the name Revivals Thrift. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to grow and make a positive impact in our community.
Our unwavering commitment is to create positive change in our community by offering a range of free programs that provide support and uplift those in need. These vital programs are made possible through the dedication of over 300 volunteers who generously give their time and energy throughout the year, making a profound difference in the lives of those we serve.
Jason Black, Executive Director