4 S Ridge Rd
Perkasie, PA 18944

Outreach Ministries exist to meet the community at their current circumstance, providing hope.
We offer hope to our community by meeting individuals in their current circumstances and working to provide healing through Jesus Christ, all while building a strong, healthy community.
To expand our outreach to neighboring communities, we develop programs that address their specific needs, foster meaningful relationships, and deliver the Gospel message.
Our Programs
We take the hassle out of organizing your own event, so you can simply step outside and connect with your neighbors.
Your neighborhood haven where connections brew together with specialty coffees that tantalize your taste buds.
We randomly show up in communities to bless them with treats or giveaways,
expecting nothing in return.
Bringing prayer requests before the throne of grace by a small group of faithful volunteers
We provide a meal delivery service to individuals confined to their homes due to physical or mental disabilities, to ensure their well-being and comfort.
Hosts fun Lego activities, encouraging creativity and community building, fostering friendships among families.
We offer a helping hand and a ready-to-go frozen meal to families and individuals facing unexpected hardships.
We host a monthly free breakfast for senior citizens in our banquet room, creating a
welcoming space for community members.
We provide nourishing hot meals to fill empty stomachs and build meaningful relationships with our community.
We perform light repairs for safety and improved quality of life for those in need.

We enhance our local environment through physical labor initiatives such as park clean-ups, installation of benches, and painting projects, creating tangible improvements that benefit our community.
High school and college students seeking ministry careers gain hands-on
experience in serving the community during the summer, fostering spiritual
growth and real-world exposure.